I grew up in South Africa where the following old African proverb was popular:

“It takes a village to raise a child: the more people to whom the child relates,

the more balanced and rich its growth will be.

 What a fitting tribute given the colourful sand ceremony that formed part of Chloe’s celebratory Naming Day recently.

Like colours of the rainbow, we’re all different and special, valuable and precious. Each of us has unique qualities and talents which makes us the individuals we are.

Such was the case when 9 different colours of sand represented some Very Important People who form a major part of Chloe’s life, and took part in her Naming Day, namely her parents, her big sister, her three Godparents, her three grandparents and a special Angel Grandad in heaven.

Each of these people were asked to pour some sand into a keepsake decanter as a symbolic gesture. Each colour sand represented a personality trait and/or aspiration.

Red represented a parent’s love, strength and bravery, for there is no greater love than that of a parent for a child.

Pink, chosen and poured by Chloe’s big sister, represented happiness and playfulness.

The three Godparents had blue for loyalty & peace, brown for grounding & stability and purple for wisdom & intelligence.

Yellow, the colour of sunshine and fun was chosen for one of the Grandads, whilst white, which was poured by Chloe’s mother represented her grandad in Heaven.

The two grandmothers had orange to represent encouragement & kindness, and green to represent everlasting love, devotion and prosperity.


Children really are the rainbow of life, don’t you think?