Coronavirus – Covid 19

These are indeed unprecedented times and I appreciate that every couple planning a wedding, and every family arranging a funeral must be concerned about whether/if/how/when this virus is going to affect you, your loved ones and your arrangements.

I empathise with you, and I too am monitoring the situation and keeping abreast of Government advice.


Please check your wedding insurance – particularly in the case of destination weddings and cancellations that are enforced due to travel restrictions or large gatherings.

Where couples decide that they have to postpone their ceremony due to Covid 19, I will make all reasonable endeavours to support you to find a mutually agreed date, subject to availability.


Human touch is a powerful form of communication, and a comforting hug or handshake is commonplace at my funeral ceremonies.  In light of protecting you (and myself!) please respect my decision to not shake hands or return an embrace until we have banished this bothersome virus.  In lieu of those gestures, please look out for a warm smile and kind eyes, a gentle nod, namaste, a hand on heart or similar.

It may also become advisable to gather information and liaise with families remotely, via telephone or video link to gather information to put the ceremony script together.  I already do this for families that I support who are some distance away, or out of the country, and it works really well.  In some instances, and depending on further government advice/instruction, it may become a requirement to limit gatherings and think ‘outside the box’ with regards to conducting funerals.  Where this does come into play, many crematoria have the option to record or webcast services, and you might choose to opt for a memorial service at a later date…

Furthermore, as a professional celebrant I have a solid ‘buddy network’ of similarly like-minded celebrant colleagues to ensure that your ceremony on the day will be unaffected should I become indisposed.

Let’s keep calm, keep washing our hands and keep supporting each other.