Well I never! If you read my blog articles, you might know that in June this year, I was nominated as Celebrant of the Year for the national Good Funeral Awards.  I was lucky enough to become a finalist in my category – and then – SURPRISE – I was announced as the winner at the glittering Awards ceremony termed the Death Oscars (!) at Porchester Hall in London on 7th September.

Originally selected from hundreds of nominees, I was one of 28 finalists. Each submission was evaluated by a panel of judges.

I was genuinely surprised to hear my name called out as the winner from the hotly contested category with some reputable Celebrants. Yes this award is lovely, and it is wonderful to be recognised; but the thanks must really go the families that have entrusted the memories of their loved ones to me.  To be ‘their voice’ and help them celebrate a life in a way that they, or their loved ones choose, is a great privilege.  It is also a pleasure to be able to raise the profile for all professional Celebrants.

Congratulations must also go the three runners up Kathryn Sansom, Stuart Preston and Wendy Coulton, as well as Terri Shanks who was Highly Commended.

The Award Ceremony was attended by some 250 representatives from across the funeral industry. 

My shoes also made a bit of an impact!  See the photo below – do you like them?  

Wholly independent of the funeral industry, the awards are supported by consumer advocates the Good Funeral Guide and the Natural Death Centre.

Brian Jenner, co-organiser, said: “The Good Funeral Awards recognise all those unsung heroes who work so hard for the bereaved and whose role can so easily be overlooked. Some of the nicest people in Britain work in the funeral business.”

 You can access a complete list of categories and winners in the Good Funeral Guide

The Celebrant of the Year category was sponsored by Civil Ceremonies Ltd.

 For more information go to www.goodfuneralawards.co.uk

Justine Wykerd Celebrant of the Year Good Funeral Awards 2017

The Good Funeral Awards 2017 at Porchester Hall, 7 September 2017. Photograph by Jayne Lloyd.

Anne Barber of Civil Ceremonies Ltd (Sponsor), Justine Wykerd (Celebrant of the Year 2017), Louise Winter (Former Editor of Good Funeral Guide)


Award and Award Certificate


My shoes almost had their own Twitter trend !