Well how’s that?!  I’ve been nominated for a Good Funeral Award!    I don’t know who nominated me, but I’ve been advised that one of the families I have previously supported has put my name forward in the Celebrant of the Year category at the Good Funeral Awards 2017.  THANK YOU to whoever it was for your support!

The annual awards ceremony is termed the ‘The Oscars of the Funeral Trade’ and is aimed at recognising those people who work in the funeral industry.

 As a celebrant, it is my job to focus on the families that we are supporting, and ensure that their loved one has the best ‘final farewell’ that they can, in the manner in which they would have wanted; it’s not about ‘me.’  I never for one moment even considered such an award – it is a great honour just to be recognised!

 The award ceremony takes place in Bayswater, London on 7th September 2017 so I’ll keep you posted!

You can read more about the Good Funeral Awards here: http://goodfuneralawards.co.uk/