An Online Ceremony of Life:  A Ceremony With A Difference

Driven by the need for social distancing during these unprecedented times of Covid-19, numbers of people in attendance at crematoria is currently greatly restricted (if permissible at all) to protect everyone’s safety.

This is upsetting for all those involved, heightens anxiety and most certainly adds a complex dimension when trying to deal with grief and cope with loss.  Many people will feel left out, unable to participate due to personal circumstances and unable to pay their respects in person.  Many crematoria do indeed have a webcast or recording option – but many do not….

Faced with this dilemma, you may opt for what is called a ‘direct cremation’ (nobody in attendance at the crematorium) and a Memorial Service or a Celebration of Life at a later date, at a venue of your choice, with no restrictions,  when a sense of normality returns.   Right through history though, it is our human nature to partake in ritual; some way of coming together to comfort each other, to pay tribute to, and to say our farewells.  A funeral ritual, whatever you decide that to be, helps us to put things into context.

We’re all trying to find a way to get through this together, and in an effort to provide a solution to families who find themselves in this position, although it will never replace a personal presence, Justine now also offers the option of an online ceremony/Celebration of Life that you can watch/access from the safety of your home, let you have the chance to feel a part of the day, and say your farewells.

How Will An Online Ceremony Work?

 With the same integrity, attention to detail and personable approach as currently practised when enjoying ‘a cuppa and a biscuit’ and sharing anecdotes when traditionally meeting families in a face-to-face environment, Justine will:

  • Gather information remotely using telephone, email and video calls via free digital tools such as Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger & Zoom.
  • Prepare a draft ceremony for your approval, based on your wishes and content contributions.

Options for the delivery of the ceremony, once approved by you, include:

  • Video delivery of the ceremony from a remote location. A link to a real-time video accessed via free downloadable software, with the ability for others to participate will be provided.

*Maximum 100 viewers and 35min ceremony time.


  • A password protected and secure access on my website to an online script, including photos provided by you, and an audio recording of the ceremony. You can share the link and password at your discretion.  

*Available for 14 days

My sincere thoughts are with you at this heartbreaking time.