It’s August 2017 and this Celebrant is 5 years old! Happy business anniversary to me. #Boom

Forgive me but I’m shamelessly back-slapping and popping bubbles this month, as 5 years ago, on the 17th August 2012, I did my very first wedding ceremony for some dear friends- and I’m still here to share the tale. The journey along the way has been amazing and I’m eternally grateful to the all the people in my life who continue to make this path as a Celebrant (and the challenges!) so enjoyable…

Little did I know back then where it would lead…

So how did I get started as a Celebrant?

Close friends of mine (Mel & Devi) were getting married and it was their dream to have their ceremony in their beautiful garden overlooking the Warwickshire countryside.  At the time, neither they, nor I knew what a ‘Celebrant’ was, or that this option was even available. I accompanied the bride to view a few venues, although in her heart of hearts, her mind was made up – she really wanted a garden ceremony at their home.

A wedding co-ordinator at one of the venues suggested that she speak to a Celebrant.  Two very blank faces stared back!  What on earth was a ‘Celebrant?’

The short version to the story is that the bride spoke to a few Celebrants, but didn’t feel as though she had found the perfect match, or person, to officiate their ceremony.  And then…several weeks later, the bride and groom asked me if I would conduct their ceremony for them at their home.   Imagine my sheer surprise at the compliment to be asked, mixed with the overwhelming sense of fear!

Fast forward to 17th August 2012 and we held a blended “East Meets West” ceremony in front of 75 guests, at their home, in their garden – just where they wanted to be. We personalised some elements from an Indian ceremony, incorporated a Ribbon Ceremony (they quite literally ‘Tied the Knot’).

After the event, several guests asked me for my business card.  Naturally I didn’t have one! That’s what set me on my new career path.  A few months later, I completed my formal training and set up my business.  I ran it as a ‘weekend job’ alongside a challenging corporate career, however in 2015 I made the life changing decision to go with my calling…I am delighted to say that I left the corporate world behind me and have never looked back.

My new career has seen me officiate some 100 wedding ceremonies, including destination weddings at the fabulous Villa del Balbienello Lake Como, Italy; beach ceremonies in Kefalonia, Greece as well as local and national ceremonies across England in magnificent castles, fabulous manors, tipis, yurts and trendy bijou hotels.  I’m both spoilt and fortunate.

What can I say?  Only thank you to Mel & Devi for making me your Celebrant setting me on this path – I wouldn’t be here without you!  I love you guys xx

It was our dream to get married in our own garden overlooking the Warwickshire countryside.  What’s more – we wanted a ceremony that would incorporate different cultures. 

You understood exactly what we wanted and the result was an emotional handfasting ceremony bringing together an ‘East meets West’ mix of culture and beliefs.  There wasn’t a dry eye!    Thank you so much – you made our dream come true…

 Mel & Devi – 17th August 2012

Mel & Devi wedding celebrant collage