When I am in conversation and have the  pleasure of explaining what I do – it is often wrongly assumed that I am a Humanist Celebrant.  I’m not. So either I don’t communicate effectively – or greater public awareness is needed.   Let me set the record straight.

They are the same thing – right?  Wrong!  A Humanist Celebrant will not include any religious content; that means that no hymns, prayers or mention of God (or other faiths) may be made in your ceremony. A Civil Celebrant will work with their wedding couples and funeral families to include as much, or as little, religious or spiritual content as required, irrelevant of their own opinions and beliefs.

Can I include religious symbolism or traditions in my wedding ceremony?

Yes.  I have officiated several weddings that have included the ceremony under a Chuppah and Breaking the Glass (Jewish).  I have officiated weddings that have included a hymn and popular Bible readings.  At the other end of the scale, I have conducted weddings that have no religious traditions or symbolism at all.

Will a Humanist Celebrant include these traditions as part of a wedding? No

Jewish Chuppah in Celebrant Ceremony
Can I include a prayer and a hymn in a funeral ceremony? Yes.  Increasingly, families choose to celebrate a life by having a personal funeral service that focusses on their loved one. However, many people gain comfort from the Lord’s Prayer and popular hymns, even if they aren’t regular church-goers.  I am not ordained; nor have I paid for an on-line certificate that says I am – so I don’t pretend to be something I’m not.  I respect all faiths and philosophies that promote peace, and will include any content that sees a family through a very difficult time.

Will a Humanist Celebrant include faith as part of a funeral? No

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 A Time for Everything
I hope I have my little bit to help clear up any misconceptions.

Your Civil Celebrant