That’s a wrap for the wedding ceremony season at Alcott Weddings – and we’ve had a ball! From tipis to marquees, from glamping to camping, from photos with smiling horses to a dog wearing a GoPro – we’ve seen such a fabulous selection of couples really taking the bull by the horns and creating the day that suited their style and personalities (please note: I saw no bulls running amok and no animals were harmed during any ceremony!)  We’ve had fairy-tale, rustic and rock. We’ve had candle ceremonies, rose ceremonies and handfastings. We’ve had readings that made us cry and vows that made us laugh. We even had a Viking Horn and a gladiator mask! We’ve had fun…

From June to October the weather was largely on our side- and for those few ceremonies (only 2!)  that did experience rain – remember that rain on your wedding day is good luck – every raindrop is a blessing, and where I grew up in South Africa, it’s also a sign of fertility – so be careful!!

Seating ranged from hay bales to benches to comfortable seating – all to ensure that the ceremony was enjoyed by all.  And according to the feedback from my lovely couples – each ceremony was enjoyed by all.

Of course – no matter how bright the sunshine – incorporating an outdoor Unity Candle ceremony can be a challenge –by large – the lantern did its job well.  The last weekend in September was VERY blustery with incredibly high winds, so Laura and Wayne’s bridesmaids and groomsmen spontaneously jumped up from their front row seats and created the perfect wind barrier.

I guess that as their recommend supplier I’m obliged to say something nice – but I do genuinely love ceremonies at Alcott Weddings.   It’s a blank canvas for you to create your perfect day in a wonderful outdoor setting looking out over rolling fields and a lake – with accommodation for the wedding party on site. And Lucy is the perfect host overseeing that everything goes smoothly – often accompanied by her assistant Bella.

I continue to be amazed at the months of hard work that couples go to.  Laura & Wayne made over 1200 origami Japanese paper cranes.  A Japanese crane is a symbol of a long and harmonious marriage, and, after folding 1000 origami cranes you can make a special wish.  It also represents good luck and peace, which is something that every couple needs in a marriage!  Each guest was invited to take a paper crane as a ceremony favour.

Kirsty & Jonathan met in autumn, had their ceremony in autumn, and decorated the tipi in the most spectacular autumn colours – creating a warm and inviting area with hessian and leaves.

Debbie & Alex – our pair our metalheads – went all out on a heavy metal theme which was just FABULOUS.  They had a handfasting and champagne toast as part of the ceremony; while Geoff and Laura had colouring books to keep little ones entertained.

Claire & Joshua’s dog captured their big day on a GoPro while her horse – with her mane dressed for a wedding waited for the family photos…while Chelsea was safely delivered by the stylish Dita (Vintage campervan and photobooth.)  Way to go Chelsea & Jim for having dodgems as guest entertainment – that was a first!

It’s been a delightful season as Alcott, working alongside some other wonderful suppliers (see below).  I can’t wait for 2017!   Dates do go quickly – so please do make to secure your ceremony date by getting in touch soon.

Your Celebrant

Justine X


Tipi – Elite Tents

Catering: Fine Food Matters

Photos: David Boynton Photography, Sara Lejon Photography, Daffodil Waves Photography, Alcott Weddings, my iPhone,

Campervan & Photobooth: Vintage Inspired

Lucy & Bella of Alcott Weddings
Lucy and Bella Alcott Wedding
Geoff & Laura
G&L Alcott Celebrant Wedding Seating
G&L Alcott Celebrant Wedding Collage
G&L Alcott Celebrant Wedding Horse
G&L Alcott Celebrant Wedding Kiss
G&L Alcott Celebrant Wedding Sweet Table
G&L Alcott Celebrant Wedding Marquee
G&L Alcott Celebrant Wedding Cutlery
G&L Alcott Celebrant Wedding
Claire & Joshua
Alcott Marquee Wedding Celebrant
Alcott Marquee Wedding Celebrant
Alcott Wedding Dog GoPro Celebrant
Alcott Wedding Celebrant Chairs
Alcott Wedding Dog GoPro Celebrant 2
C&J Alcott Celebrant Wedding Confetti
Alcott Wedding Celebrant Unity Candle
Alcott Wedding Celebrant Lake
C&J Alcott Wedding Celebrant Horse
Chelsea & Jim
C&Jm Alcott Celebrant Wedding Sign
C&Jm Alcott Celebrant Wedding Order
C&Jm Alcott Celebrant Wedding Ceremony
C&Jm Alcott Celebrant Wedding Campervan
C&Jm Alcott Celebrant Wedding Collage
C&Jm Alcott Wedding Celebrant Lake
Debbie & Alex
D&A Alcott Lake Wedding Celebrant
D&A Alcott Registration Table Wedding Celebrant
D&A Alcott Groom Wedding Celebrant
D&A Alcott Wedding Celebrant Handfasting
D&A Alcott Wedding Celebrant Collage
D&A Alcott Wedding Celebrant Signing Table
D&A Alcott Wedding Celebrant Gladiator Mask
D&A Alcott Wedding Celebrant Bride Groom
Laura & Wayne
L&W Alcott Wedding Celebrant Tipi
L&W Alcott Wedding Celebrant Tipi
L&W Alcott Wedding Celebrant Japanese Crane
L&W Alcott Wedding Celebrant Signing Table Unity Candle
L&W Alcott Wedding Celebrant Firepit Japanese Crane
L&W Alcott Wedding Celebrant Table Names
L&W Alcott Wedding Celebrant Groom
L&W Alcott Wedding Celebrant Shoes
L&W Alcott Wedding Celebrant Confetti
L&W Alcott Wedding Celebrant
Kirsty & Jonathan
K&J Alcott Celebrant Wedding Vows
K&J Alcott Celebrant Signing Table
K&J Alcott Celebrant Signing Table
K&J Alcott Celebrant Bride
K&J Alcott Celebrant Wedding