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What does George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston all have in common?  Rich, famous and living in LA, YES!  However, they also share something a lot more personal than that…….. These ‘A’ Lister celebrities recently tied the knot & all chose a wedding ceremony that was all about them by working with a Celebrant.  So, what’s all the hype about and why are we Brits now all following suit (excuse the pun!)?
Congratulations, you found “The One”!  You’ve booked the venue, the DJ and the photographer. The invites are in the post, the cake is in the oven.  You have the dress, the shoes and the flowers are to die for.  Sadly the actual ceremony itself has been overlooked!  The “I Do’s”.  The most important words that you will say to the most special person in the world, on your biggest day of your lives haven’t been given a thought.  Don’t you think you should?
Just Celebrations Ceremony feature
To be legally married there are of course basic legal requirements that will take place in front of a Registrar at a suitably licensed venue; but did you know that you can hold your actual ceremony including the exchange of personal vows and rings, at a completely different time and place?  And why more and more couples are realising that this gives them more freedom, knowing that they have complete choice over the entire ceremony, having taken care of the legal side of the marriage separately. We’ve all been there……… a civil ceremony that is a grey as the walls, lasting just 10 minutes it reflects nothing about the couple declaring their love.  And with civil ceremonies now accounting for 70% of all weddings in the UK, it is no surprise that more of us are now opting for a simple ‘no fuss’ legal obligation at a Registry Office which takes just minutes followed by their very own personalised ceremony elsewhere, officiated by a Celebrant. George & Amal recently chose to do this in Italy, Jen & Justin in LA and they are certainly not alone… Joey Tribiani officiated his ‘Friend’s wedding back in the 1990’s at the wedding ceremony of Monica and Chandler, however you may want a Celebrant a little more professional and experienced than that! There are many reasons why you will choose a Celebrant.  It could be that you quite simply don’t want the usual ‘uniformed’ ceremony that the set script provides.
Get Flexible
By using a professional Celebrant to create and conduct your ceremony, you have the flexibility to incorporate content, music, blend cultural traditions and include beliefs of your choice….with no restrictions. Don’t expect this if you are using a Registrar as you’ll be in for a surprise, a Registrar will never include any religious or spiritual content whatsoever. Your music will be limited, as will your readings and time.
Time & Place
You are not restricted to a time slot within stated hours. A Celebrant will conduct your ceremony at any time of the year, at midnight or at dawn. And as most Celebrants will only conduct one ceremony each day you don’t need to panic if you are running late!
Just Celebrations Beach wedding ceremony
Location, Location, Location
You might want an intimate marriage abroad, but have a ceremony in front of family and friends when you return. Or you may be considering at a location that is not licensed such as a canal side, garden, farm, woodlands or beach…….. the list is endless.
Just Celebrations outdoor canalside wedding ceremony
It’s all about you
Your ceremony should reflect your personality and style. Is it a formal traditional affair, or do you want a relaxed informal style? There are some great ways to enhance your ceremony. You may want to include others in your celebration, for example small children. A Sand Ceremony is a beautiful way of doing this, or can be used to incorporate a beach theme. Have you thought about literally ‘Tying the Knot’ as part of your ceremony? How about the romance and symbolism of a Unity Candle ceremony? Your Celebrant will be able to suggest several ideas that suit your personality and style.
Getting to know you
You get to build a relationship with your Celebrant, often months in advance of your wedding date. Modern technologies such as Skype or FaceTime (which are both free) give you the opportunity to do this if you are some distance apart. A traditional English wedding is a popular choice for overseas couples choosing to get married here, and this is how we Celebrants get around the long distance challenge! If you have a wedding planner, your Celebrant will work closely with them to ensure that your day runs smoothly.
No surprises please
After meeting your Celebrant, they will draft your script, picking up on the nuances of your relationship and tailor the service accordingly. I always welcome your thoughts and amendments so that it reflects your style and relationship. You don’t want any big surprises on the day!
Just Celebrations Lake Como Wedding Ceremony
If you are both resident in England or Wales, it’s quite simple to register the marriage– although you do need to meet some basic requirements:

  • You have to ‘give notice’ of your marriage to the Superintendent Registrar at your local Register Office (even if you are getting married in a different part of the country)
  • The Superintendent Registrar will issue the authority for you to marry in the District of your choice There is a statutory fee for giving notice – at the time of writing it is £35 per person
  • 28 clear days must pass between giving notice and the legal marriage
  • There is a fee for the legal marriage at the Registry Office – this varies per council, but is usually in the region of £50-£60 for the basic ceremony/legal declaration and all you need (when holding your personal ceremony with your chosen Celebrant at the location of your choice, with no restriction on time or content)

So, it may not make you a rich, famous Hollywood ‘A’ Lister but a personalised wedding ceremony by a Celebrant will promise to create a memory for you and everyone involved that lasts a lot longer than an LA face lift!  So, what are you waiting for?

Congratulations to Live24-Seven on the launch of their fabulous new wedding magazine Thank you to John Woodward Photography for his great confetti photograph at Louise & Mark’s canal-side wedding, as well as Anna Clarke for the ceremony photo taken at my Lake Como wedding ceremony.